Price List

(Laste updated: August 26th)

Please note that these are not the exact prices. Instead, the prices are set up as a "price range", meaning that the price of that item is around that amount of gold.

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Basic Melee Gear



Whip Abysall Whip ~25m
Fighter torso Fighter Torso ~25m
Rune defender Rune Defender ~8m

Fighter hat

Fighter Hat ~15m
Fury Amulet of Fury ~60m
Dragon chain Dragon chain body ~50m
Dragon legs Dragon plate legs ~25m
Dragon full helm Dragon full helm ~60m
Dragon claws Dragon claws ~550m
Dragon boots Dragon boots ~30m
Dragon plate body Dragon plate body ~100m
Dragon sqshield Dragon square shield ~25m
Beserker ring Berserker ring ~85m
Warrior ring Warrior ring ~50m
Beserker necklace Berserker necklace ~85m
Slayer helmet Slayer helmet ~170m
Barrow gloves Barrow gloves ~25m
Saradomin sword Saradomin sword ~200m
Bandos chestplate Bandos chestplate ~200m
Bandos tassets Bandos tassets ~175m
Bandos boots Bandos boots ~50m
Bandos gs Bandos godsword ~250m
Zammy gs Zamorak godsword ~250m
Sara gs Saradomin godsword ~250m
Arma gs Armadyl godsword ~325m

Dragonfire shield

Dragon fire shield ~100m

Barrows Items



Dh helm Dharok's helm ~17m
Dh body Dharok's platebody ~15m
Dh legs Dharok's platelegs ~15m
Dh axe Dharok's great axe ~15m
Ahrims hood Ahrim's hood ~15m
Ahrims top Ahrim's robe top ~15m
Ahrims bottom Ahrim's robe skirt ~15m
Ahrims staff Ahrim's staff ~8m
Verac helm Verac's helm ~17m
Verac body Verac's brassard ~15m
Verac skirt Verac's plateskirt ~15m
Verac flail Verac's flail ~13m
Guthans helm Guthan's helmet ~15m
Guthans body Guthan's platebody ~15m
Guthans legs Guthan's chainskirt ~15m
Guthans spear Guthan's warspear ~13m
Karils coif Karil's coif ~15m
Karils body Karil's top ~15m
Karils skirt Karil's skirt ~15m
Karils bow Karil's crossbow ~15m
Torag helm Torag's helm ~17m
Torag body Torag's platebody ~15m
Torag legs Torag's platelegs ~15m
Torag hammers Torags hammer's ~13m




Phatblue Blue party hat ~550m
Phatred Red party hat ~550m
Phatpurple Purple party hat ~550m
Phatgreen Green party hat ~550m
Phatyellow Yellow party hat ~550m
Phatwhite White party hat ~550m
Green halloween mask Green h'ween mask ~500m
Blue hween mask Blue h'ween mask ~500m
Red halloween mask Red h'ween mask ~500m
Santahat Santa Hat ?
Bunny ears Bunny Ears ?

If I am missing an item that is worth being bought by a player or if an items prices are wrong, please post a comment on this page telling what I should edit.